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Radio Show

"Wait It Out" will be played on the next episode of RADIOFLAMES show, Tuesday May 23 at 7 PM Rome time on

"Wait It Out" will be played on the Radio Alternativa Rock on May 24 2023, 1:00am GMT at

"Wait It Out" will be aired on 5/25 Thursday evening at 10pm eastern on their local public access TV and internet radio Stream can be found here

"WAIT IT OUT" is out now!

Contest for Charity and Prize
From May 1 to May 31, 2023 
Share video post on TikTok using Anchen Ji "Wait It Out" sound track and add #Anchen2023May. The sum of all videos views will be divided by 1000. This number of dollars will be donated to Feeding America, up to $1000.  Stickers and CD singles will be the prize for selected TikTok video posts!

TikTok Live (@anchenji) on Every Saturday 8pm-8:55pm EST to Discuss the Back Story of "Wait It Out" and Chat!


Stars Music Video

Like the Sunshine 像阳光那样(原唱:王一博 Yibo Wang. Cover By: Anchen Ji) Lyric Video